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Baste Spicy


Ignite your meals with Baste Spicy's all-natural, handcrafted fire!

Introducing Baste Spicy, the ultimate all-natural, handcrafted hot flavor sauce for those who crave something fiery. This robust and full-bodied grill sauce blends unique spices for a bold explosion of taste, finishing with a lingering 'backburner' heat. Perfect for meats like grilled chicken, pork chops, beef steak, and seafood, Baste Spicy elevates your culinary adventures to thrilling new heights. Order now and experience the perfect balance of heat and rich character in every bite!

  • Elevate every meal with bold, thrilling flavor of Baste Spicy.
  • Enjoy a handcrafted, all-natural sauce with no additives or preservatives.
  • Perfectly complements meat, seafood, and veggies, enhancing your culinary creations.
  • Experience a satisfying, lingering heat that makes each bite unforgettable.


Is Baste Spicy too hot for someone who isn't used to spicy foods? Baste Spicy balances heat with flavor, suitable for most spice levels.

Can I use Baste Spicy on vegetables, or is it just for meat? Absolutely! It elevates both meats and vegetables with its bold flavor.

Are there any additives or preservatives in Baste Spicy? No, it’s all-natural with absolutely no additives or preservatives.

Why should I choose Baste Spicy over other spicy sauces? Our unique spice blend provides unmatched flavor and a thrilling heat adventure.

SIZE: 12 oz

INGREDIENTS: Ketchup (Organic Tomato Concentrate, Organic Sugar, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Less Than 2% Of: Organic Onion Powder, Organic Spices), Light Corn Syrup (Corn Syrup, Salt, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Beans, Water, Ethyl Alcohol), Worcestershire Sauce (Distilled Vinegar, Sugar, Molasses, Water, Salt, Caramel Color, Spices, Natural Flavor, Garlic Powder, Anchovies, Tamarind) Light Brown Sugar, Seasoning Blend (Paprika, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Honey Powder (Honey, Sugar), Onion, Coriander, Mustard Powder, Shallots, Parsley, Spices, Turmeric, Lemon Peel, Arrowroot), Ground Chipotle Chili with Sulfites, Ground Cayenne Red Pepper ALLERGENS: FISH (ANCHOVY), SOY AND SULFITES

NUTRITION PANEL: Serving Size 2 Tbsp (36g), Calories 60, Total Fat (0%), Saturated Fat 0%, Trans Fat 0%, Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Sodium 340mg (15%), Total Carbohydrates 16g (6%), Dietary Fiber 1g (4%), Total Sugars 10g (18%), Protein 0g (0%)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeff Littleton
My new favorite BBQ sauce

I tried this at Lexington BBQ festival and immediately loved it. I bought 3 bottles there and then ordered 3 more bottles when thos were gone. This sauce is staying in my lineup from now on!

Johnny McCrary
Love the Baste Spicy BBQ sauce

The Baste Spicy has become a favorite for all in my household. Highly recommend these sauces!