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Baste Savory Booster


Savory (formerly Holiday Blend) is a delightful blend that brings the essence of a traditional feast to your kitchen. With a harmonious combination of rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, and onion, this seasoning captures the timeless flavors of classic comfort food. Perfect for roasting, seasoning, or marinating, Baste Savory Booster infuses your dishes with a comforting and aromatic touch, making every meal a memorable experience.

Savory is an all-natural, handcrafted product with no additives or preservatives.

SIZE: 5 oz

INGREDIENTS: Honey Powder, Kosher Salt, Thyme, Garlic Powder, Rosemary, Onion Powder, Paprika, Black Pepper, Marjoram, Sage

NUTRITION PANEL: Serving Size 1 tbsp. (13g), Calories 5, Total Fat (0%), Saturated Fat 0%, Trans Fat 0%, Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Sodium 240mg (10%), Total Carbohydrates 2g (1%), Dietary Fiber 0g (0%), Total Sugars < 1g (1%), Protein 0g (0%)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tracie Wallace
Alternative to chips

I used about 1/2 cup with 1/2 cup butter and tossed in corn Chex cereal. Mixed until coated then baked in oven at 250° for about 30 minutes. Mmmmmm. Great alternative to potato chips.

Darrell Williams
Holiday Blend will change your life!

I smoked a pork shoulder with this rub and made pull pork. After eating this pull pork my wife told me she fell back in love with me again! The flavor is incredible and I felt like I was a grill master. I hope they decide to keep this available all year around.